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1) Comparative report of the public debates on religious slaughter in Germany, France, the UK and Norway.

Comparative report : Lill M. Vramo & Taina Bucher SIFO – National Institute for Consumer Research
National reports (in appendix):Florence Bergeaud‐Blackler (French report), Adrian Evans (UK report), Taina Bucher, Lill M. Vramo & Ellen Eser (German report), Taina Bucher, Laura Terragni & Lill M. Vramo (Norwegian report)


This comparative report draws its material from a systematic empirical analysis of the media discourses and public debates on religious slaughter in four European countries over the past two years (2006-08). This report refers to media debates in four European countries and compares the media representations of religious slaughter. The report discusses how and why different public debates appear in the different national contexts. The countries selected are Germany, UK, France and Norway. The aim is to get an overview of discourses on religious slaughter in the various countries, to identify the extent of media attention given to issues related to religious slaughter, and the level of controversy. 


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2) A comparative academic literature review of citizens’ concerns about religious slaughter in France, Germany, Norway, Turkey and the UK.

Report : A comparative report of public debates on religious slaughter in Germany, the UK, France and Norway

Report :  Transparency and product information for halal/shechita products in different distribution systems